Meet Pawsome Pups Persevere!

Hi guys! We are really excited to introduce and talk to Marissa today, the founder of Pawsome Pup's Persevere. PPP is a local rescue group that works to support other local rescues by helping to fundraise money to buy interactive toys for dogs in shelters to promote mental stimulation and enrichment and they also donate their time to take dogs to obedience classes, which makes them more adoptable! Here's our interview below:


What inspired you to start Pawsome Pups Persevere? 

I am a volunteer of a local shelter and began working more with dogs that were in need of rescue. The longer some dogs are there, they begin to exhibit behaviors and are not able to be adopted through the shelter. These dogs are then in need of a rescue organization to take them and place them in a foster home in hopes that they will eventually be adoptable.

In order to prevent boredom while shelter dogs spend time in their kennels, I wanted to provide them with mental stimulation, whether it be bones, hooves, or interactive toys. I also wanted to be able to assist rescues with boarding expenses that take dogs into their program, but have not found a foster home yet, or provide their foster homes with needed supplies to offset the cost to the rescue.

After discussing my ideas with two other volunteers, Chris Lozo and Casey Rych, Pawsome Pups Persevere was formed and we began to spread the word of our mission, which so far has been a great success!


What was your first pet?

My first pet was an aquatic frog, but throughout the years I owned many hamsters, dogs, cats, birds, and horses. While growing up, I also participated in Wildlife Rehabilitation with my step-mother. Over the years, we rescued various birds, a hawk, a raccoon, rabbits, and squirrels, so I guess you can say rescue is in my nature.

That's so neat! I also work as a wildlife rehabilitator. So, how many animals is Pawsome Pets Persevere helping or supporting currently?

Between all three members of Pawsome Pups Persevere, we have assisted in the rescue of 18 dogs and continue to be able to provide mental stimulation to dogs that are currently at the shelter once a week.

Our main focus is currently on two dogs, Rexy and Nelson who have been in search of a home for a very long time. Both boys are such loves, but both require different home dynamics. Rexy and Nelson both need a home without young children or cats. Rexy would love a home with another dog, but Nelson can be selective on what dog he would prefer to share his home with.

Rexy will be attending Pups Night Out at Henry Loves Betty and is currently in boarding. He is in search of a foster or forever home through HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary. Nelson has been waiting for 2 years for someone to snatch him up and can be adopted through Rottie Empire Rescue.

Pawsome Pups Persevere has assisted with boarding costs for both dogs, provided them with bones to keep them busy, visited them in boarding, and have taken Nelson to Basic Obedience Classes.

Marissa and Rexy

Marissa and Rexy




That's incredible, I can't wait to meet Rexy on Friday! How can a regular person or member of the public help, foster or adopt any of these dogs?

Pawsome Pups Persevere runs on donations from people in the community. We have a fundraising page at, which is used to purchase bones, assist with boarding expenses, and provide supplies to foster homes. We also have an Amazon Wishlist, which can be found by searching our e-mail address:

Dogs in need of foster or forever homes can be followed on our Facebook page with information on the rescue they are affiliated with.

Do you guys currently have a favorite toy or type of treat for the dogs?

We are currently purchasing center cut bones, rib bones, and hooves for the dogs. Durable Nylabones and interactive toys are also great alternatives for the dogs in the shelter.

Okay, lastly do you have a favorite adoption story so far?

My personal favorite adoption story is about a dog named Tyler. When I first met him at the shelter he seemed very shut down and didn't exhibit much of a personality. He also hated to be in his kennel, would jump around non-stop, and would destroy everything on his kennel. I would go there as often as I could to take him for walks and spend time with him. The more I would I visit, the more happy he seemed and I began to see some of his true personality come out. I continued to post photos of our time spent together, but Tyler continued to wait for a home. One day as I was putting Tyler back in the kennel, he lightly bit my arm as if to say you are not leaving me in here again. Tyler did not cause injury, but I knew I needed to report it. I also knew Tyler would now need a rescue group to save him. Within 10 days, I was able to find a rescue to take him and place him in boarding until he found a foster or forever home. I went to visit Tyler almost everyday and continued to post our visits on facebook. After 9 days, a family stepped up and wanted to meet him. I brought him for a home visit and they completely fell in love. Tyler has been in his forever home since November 2014 and lives with a couple and their 2 little girls. He is completely spoiled and I continue to visit him. I knew deep down that Tyler was a good dog that could just not handle the shelter life. Tyler is the inspiration for Pawsome Pups Persevere and all three members will continue to put our best effort in assisting those dogs that need us most!




That's so amazing to hear, I know of a lot of dogs who haven't been so lucky. I love the motivation behind your rescue, I don't think a lot of people realize how hard it is for an animal to sit in a bare tiny cage all day until they are one of the fortunate few who are adopted. Thanks for taking the time to talk and I'm really excited for Pup's Night Out on Friday. Hope to see all of you there as well! 


Meet Mugzy's Barkery!

Hey everyone! We're super excited to be talking to Jaime, the founder of Mugzy's Barkery today! Jaime reached out to us at Henry Loves Betty to let us know about her treats and we had to find out more. You can sample Mugzy's treats for your dog this Friday night at Henry Loves Betty during our Doggie Treat Tasting for Troy Night Out or find bags of their treats for sale in our store and online!

Hi Jaime! So, we have to know - who is Mugzy?                                                                                    

Mugzy is my 2 1/2 yr old Olde English Bulldog. He's the first dog I've ever had and an absolute joy!

How did Mugzy's Barkery start? What inspired you?

Mugzy is actually the inspiration behind Mugzy's Barkery. When I first got him as a puppy I was frightened by all of the reports about commercial and foreign pet foods and treats poisoning our beloved furry family members. Because I eat organic myself and am an avid baker, it came naturally to me to bake organic treats for my pup. At one point my dog trainer, Katie Ropollo of Playful Pups suggested I sell them and from there Mugzy's Barkery was born!

What has been the best thing about starting your business?

The best thing about starting Mugzy's Barkery is that I have been given an opportunity to help fellow pet parents have locally made, safe and healthy treats to give their fur babies. I am honored to be able to provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are giving your pup the very best! It is such a thrill to me to be approached by customers who come back time and time again to tell me how much their dogs love my treats. I feel good knowing that the product I am providing is not only delicious but also super nutritious and beneficial to the lucky pups who get them.

Many dogs have sensitivities or allergies to certain ingredients, can they eat your treats?

There are a lot of dogs out there with allergies or food sensitivities. All of my treats are wheat, corn and soy free and made from the highest quality human grade ingredients. Most are made with an organic brown rice flour base. Rice tends to be easier to digest and is not a significant allergen like wheat can be. All of my ingredients are all natural and organic so you never have to worry about mystery ingredients, chemicals or byproducts posing a risk to your pup. I have a variety of flavors available just in case there are dogs that can't have certain things. I introduced a new grain free product this spring for those who are on strictly grain free diets. I have also taken special orders for dogs who can't have certain ingredients . I am happy to modify a recipe to accommodate specific allergies . For instance, one customer had a dog with an egg allergy but really wanted a birthday cake for them. I was able to tweak the recipe and exclude the eggs which made for one happy birthday girl!

That's so awesome! What is your favorite activity to do with Mugzy when you guys aren't baking?

When Mugzy and I are not busy in the kitchen baking (and sampling) treats we like to play ball in the yard, take hikes in the park and splash around in the stream. Mugzy and I love to entertain in our home and he is the life of the party! Mugzy loves people and if you're not careful he might try to cuddle all 80 pounds of himself up on your lap!

Oh my gosh, that's so cute! It was so nice talking to you Jaime, thanks for your time!

Product Review - Dogtails Dog Shampoo

We are so excited to unveil this new feature! I (Paula) will be posting honest reviews of our new products that we love and want to share with you all, our amazing customers!

 First up - Dogtails Dog Shampoo! Henry was our official product-tester this round and for those who don't know he's a Brussels Griffon, a breed that typically has a rough outer coat. It doesn't hurt that he has also been known to roll in a dirt pile or two. Basically, he's the stinkiest dog in our little pack who could always use a bath. 



When I was first contacted by Dogtails I was immediately taken in by their classic and clean packaging. While reading their website I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Dogtails isn't just a pretty face. The company is free of artificial fragrances, dyes, chemicals and parabens and they also use sustainable packaging and recyclable bottles. Best of all? A snuggly blanket is donated at their local animal shelter for every bottle of shampoo bought. 

Henry's "Ugh, baths" face

Henry's "Ugh, baths" face

Onto my thoughts and feelings. The shampoo smelled amazing, very lime-y and fresh. It lathered really well and I ended up using a lot less than I anticipated, or would normally use when bathing the pups. Now, I wouldn't call Henry a water enthusiast but he's pretty well behaved for baths so I don't usually have to worry about getting shampoo in his eyes. We didn't seem to have any problems, he seemed really comfortable throughout the bath, contrary to the picture above. 



Henry's fur literally felt squeaky-clean after rinsing him off. I had asked Dogtails previously if they had, or were considering a conditioner as well and they insisted that the shampoo was enough and their customers agreed. At this point in the bathing process I was starting to get a little worried. As a human with damaged hair from dyes and chemicals I am used to and comfortable with the slippery soft feeling that conditioner leaves. Normally I use a shampoo and then conditioner on Henry and Betty because Betty has fine fur that easily mats and I use conditioner so they should too, right? Wrong. I left Henry with some delicious treats and a cage dryer and came back in 10 minutes to the softest dog I've ever felt! He was so silky and smooth! It's probably because the shampoo is made with Aloe oil to sooth dry/itchy skin, Sunflower seed oil (full of Vit E and fatty acids) and Rosemary oil to moisturize and invigorate fur.

Can you see how soft he looks? Don't mind his little mug - he was busy stuffing his face into a bowl of kibble mere moments before. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed that he didn't end up smelling like a fresh squeezed citrus fruit after his bath because that's my personal preference. However, upon discussion with many coworkers and friends we decided that it's okay because he smelled CLEAN. Not like, fresh linen or laundry candle clean but like an actual clean, fresh scent. He smelled like how you hope febreeze makes your house smell. You know, you want it to dissolve odors and leave a natural fresh odor behind but really it just smells like light chemicals? Henry smelled like all of your hopes and dreams. He smelled like a warm summer day in the grass with a light lime after thought. What I'm trying to say is that this shampoo is great for anyone (dogs and humans) who are sensitive to smells. It's really nice to have a shampoo that doesn't cover doggy-scent with sickly sweet lavender or vanilla, but actually cleans your dog to the point that they smell neutral and fresh. 

In conclusion we are all fans here at Henry Loves Betty! Four paws up!

Dogtails Shampoo is now available at Henry Loves Betty. Order from us online here or stop into Henry Loves Betty and give Henry a little sniff and a pat and then pick up a bottle for your own stinky dogs. Unfortunately this product is only formulated to be used on dogs, sorry cats! You're left out this time. 






I just want to take a moment today to reflect on the past 6 (amazing!) months. Can you believe Henry Loves Betty has been in business for over 6 months? I barely can. It all feels like a dream. So I just want to take a minute this morning to say THANK YOU! To each and every one of you! You know who you are. Any one who has ever purchased a product at Henry Loves Betty. Any one who has adopted or donated to an animal in need featured at the store. To all of our followers on Facebook and Instagram (where it all began!). To every supportive friend and fan in the real world. I appreciate and love and am so incredibly grateful for each and every one of you all.  I hope you all have as an amazing Thanksgiving as we will here at Henry Loves Betty! 


Paula  (And of course Betty, Henry, Walter, Sherman, Priscilla, Poop and the chickens!)

PS - An extra special thank you <3 to all our awesome customers who send us the cutest photos of their pets enjoying HLB products!! Thank you so much!

Pup's Night Out - Halloween!

We had one of the greatest nights ever at Henry Loves Betty last night! It was Troy Night Out Halloween edition for those that aren't local. So many adorable dogs and owners stopped by to shop and show off their pup's costumes. Be sure to check out our Facebook Page (Henry Loves Betty) to cast your vote by commenting on your favorite costumed pup in our photo album! The winner will receive a super-spooky Halloween gift basket! We can hardly wait to do it again next year! Here are some photos we took during the event (click on the photo to peek through):

National Cat Day

Today, October 29th is National Cat Day and it has me feeling reflective. I've never had a cat growing up and since then have always had dogs (Betty and Henry!) and have therefore considered myself a "dog person". That's not to say I don't, or haven't liked cats. Working as a veterinary technician I've interacted with, and enjoyed meeting hundreds of cats and kittens over the years. Until 2 1/2 years ago I've always lived with a family member or roommate who was allergic to cats and so it was never really an option to have a cat. And I was a dog person anyways, right?

That was the case up until a year and a half ago when I walked into work at Latham Animal Hospital and met the feline love of my life - a 4lb sassy little old persian with urinary problems named Poop. I walked by his cage and did a double take. His face was so tiny! His eyes looked in different directions! His name was POOP. I was smitten. He wasn't feeling well and didn't like his urinary diet so we shared my pizza for lunch which further cemented my love. Two days later it was time for him to go home. I explained his home care instructions to his owner and then couldn't help but let her know how special I thought Poop was. How he was the crankiest, yet sweetest cat and that we shared my lunch for the past two days. They thanked me for his care and left. I felt so empty, I'd never been so attached to a patient before. Then one of the receptionists told me someone was on the phone for me. It was Poop's owner! She asked if I would be interested in adopting Poop since I seemed to like him so much, I was kind enough to share my food with him and because he would require a costly surgery and medical care likely for the rest of his life. I didn't know what to say except "Of course! Yes!".  

Poop in the hospital.

Poop in the hospital.

Since then Poop has received his surgery to fix his urinary issues and is doing well on medication and in our home. He fits right in with the dogs and lives very happily in our room, begging for scraps of human food and receiving scratches, snuggles and endless love. 

Poop on his first day home.

Poop on his first day home.

The most handsome cat in the world.

The most handsome cat in the world.

Since then I've adopted another cat, Priscilla. She was a long time foster of a wonderful and regular client at the Vet Hospital that no one was ever interested in due to her interesting appearance. Once I met her I (again) was smitten hoped she would be the perfect companion for Poop. Although they do not snuggle or interact as much as I'd hoped they seem to enjoy spending their days together, separately. 



Priscilla's favorite activity.

Priscilla's favorite activity.

A rare photo of the two cats touching!

A rare photo of the two cats touching!

Adopting these cats has changed my life. Interacting with them has made me a better veterinary technician and now a more well informed pet boutique owner. Every toy, bed and treat in Henry Loves Betty is first approved by our in-house product testers Poop and Priscilla! 

Happy National Cat Day, everyone!