Meet Pawsome Pups Persevere!

Hi guys! We are really excited to introduce and talk to Marissa today, the founder of Pawsome Pup's Persevere. PPP is a local rescue group that works to support other local rescues by helping to fundraise money to buy interactive toys for dogs in shelters to promote mental stimulation and enrichment and they also donate their time to take dogs to obedience classes, which makes them more adoptable! Here's our interview below:


What inspired you to start Pawsome Pups Persevere? 

I am a volunteer of a local shelter and began working more with dogs that were in need of rescue. The longer some dogs are there, they begin to exhibit behaviors and are not able to be adopted through the shelter. These dogs are then in need of a rescue organization to take them and place them in a foster home in hopes that they will eventually be adoptable.

In order to prevent boredom while shelter dogs spend time in their kennels, I wanted to provide them with mental stimulation, whether it be bones, hooves, or interactive toys. I also wanted to be able to assist rescues with boarding expenses that take dogs into their program, but have not found a foster home yet, or provide their foster homes with needed supplies to offset the cost to the rescue.

After discussing my ideas with two other volunteers, Chris Lozo and Casey Rych, Pawsome Pups Persevere was formed and we began to spread the word of our mission, which so far has been a great success!


What was your first pet?

My first pet was an aquatic frog, but throughout the years I owned many hamsters, dogs, cats, birds, and horses. While growing up, I also participated in Wildlife Rehabilitation with my step-mother. Over the years, we rescued various birds, a hawk, a raccoon, rabbits, and squirrels, so I guess you can say rescue is in my nature.

That's so neat! I also work as a wildlife rehabilitator. So, how many animals is Pawsome Pets Persevere helping or supporting currently?

Between all three members of Pawsome Pups Persevere, we have assisted in the rescue of 18 dogs and continue to be able to provide mental stimulation to dogs that are currently at the shelter once a week.

Our main focus is currently on two dogs, Rexy and Nelson who have been in search of a home for a very long time. Both boys are such loves, but both require different home dynamics. Rexy and Nelson both need a home without young children or cats. Rexy would love a home with another dog, but Nelson can be selective on what dog he would prefer to share his home with.

Rexy will be attending Pups Night Out at Henry Loves Betty and is currently in boarding. He is in search of a foster or forever home through HeartsHerd Animal Sanctuary. Nelson has been waiting for 2 years for someone to snatch him up and can be adopted through Rottie Empire Rescue.

Pawsome Pups Persevere has assisted with boarding costs for both dogs, provided them with bones to keep them busy, visited them in boarding, and have taken Nelson to Basic Obedience Classes.

Marissa and Rexy

Marissa and Rexy




That's incredible, I can't wait to meet Rexy on Friday! How can a regular person or member of the public help, foster or adopt any of these dogs?

Pawsome Pups Persevere runs on donations from people in the community. We have a fundraising page at, which is used to purchase bones, assist with boarding expenses, and provide supplies to foster homes. We also have an Amazon Wishlist, which can be found by searching our e-mail address:

Dogs in need of foster or forever homes can be followed on our Facebook page with information on the rescue they are affiliated with.

Do you guys currently have a favorite toy or type of treat for the dogs?

We are currently purchasing center cut bones, rib bones, and hooves for the dogs. Durable Nylabones and interactive toys are also great alternatives for the dogs in the shelter.

Okay, lastly do you have a favorite adoption story so far?

My personal favorite adoption story is about a dog named Tyler. When I first met him at the shelter he seemed very shut down and didn't exhibit much of a personality. He also hated to be in his kennel, would jump around non-stop, and would destroy everything on his kennel. I would go there as often as I could to take him for walks and spend time with him. The more I would I visit, the more happy he seemed and I began to see some of his true personality come out. I continued to post photos of our time spent together, but Tyler continued to wait for a home. One day as I was putting Tyler back in the kennel, he lightly bit my arm as if to say you are not leaving me in here again. Tyler did not cause injury, but I knew I needed to report it. I also knew Tyler would now need a rescue group to save him. Within 10 days, I was able to find a rescue to take him and place him in boarding until he found a foster or forever home. I went to visit Tyler almost everyday and continued to post our visits on facebook. After 9 days, a family stepped up and wanted to meet him. I brought him for a home visit and they completely fell in love. Tyler has been in his forever home since November 2014 and lives with a couple and their 2 little girls. He is completely spoiled and I continue to visit him. I knew deep down that Tyler was a good dog that could just not handle the shelter life. Tyler is the inspiration for Pawsome Pups Persevere and all three members will continue to put our best effort in assisting those dogs that need us most!




That's so amazing to hear, I know of a lot of dogs who haven't been so lucky. I love the motivation behind your rescue, I don't think a lot of people realize how hard it is for an animal to sit in a bare tiny cage all day until they are one of the fortunate few who are adopted. Thanks for taking the time to talk and I'm really excited for Pup's Night Out on Friday. Hope to see all of you there as well!